The Pact for Patient Safety is an initiative driven by patients, and for patients, to better protect patients from undue harm in healthcare settings.

Led by the Irish Patients’ Association, the Pact brings together thousands of patients committed to greater safety in Europe and beyond.

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Procedural Commitments:

  • Involve patients: Each healthcare provider to systematically and structurally involve patients, or their independent representatives, in all aspects of the patient safety strategy 

  • Publish data: Each healthcare provider to systematically and consistently collect data on key parameters of patient safety (including usage of medicines and medical technology products) and publicly release figures every year

  • Provide access: Access to full patient records for patients

  • Incentivise safety: Make management accountable for health systems and provide effective redress and compensation rights for patients 

  • Raise awareness: Annual report on patient safety by the Minister of Health before the national parliament and include patient safety on agenda of all meetings in healthcare

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Clear and legally binding guidelines at national and regional level on:


  • Patient informed consent for all treatments

  • Risks to patients including those associated with medicines, clinical, management, and equity

  • Evidence-based use of medicines and medical technologies

  • Use of approved treatments and technologies according to the medical need of the patients.

  • Sufficient healthcare staffing to support patient safety